A Check on Your LIFE – As we all know, life has many winding roads, revelations and opportunities to learn and progress. So here are some thoughts on the matter and again I’m always trying to learn and share experiences and any secrets of life that I discover. If you read my ‘Inspiration’ Blog you would have noticed that same approach. Here’s some thoughts on how to do “A Check on Your LIFE”

I don’t know when, where or how I learned this technique or how much I embellished it but there is a simple rule to follow when you are unsure of what you are doing. I call it the “Interview Test”. It’s quite simple but very effective and it has always worked for me. When you think, you are about to do something stupid, pretend at that moment that a person comes over to interview you. Here’s an example: So, you think jumping off a 10-story building would be fun…is, that, right? If it sounds stupid on an interview you can bet your life it is. If you are not laughing by now you haven’t reviewed those moments in your life.

Another check on life or techniques I learned were from years ago, when I attended the classes of the late Hilda Charlton. I learned many, many things there from her classes as she drew from many sources. Her teachings and writings, guest speakers, different books and so on. But one lesson sticks out in my mind that would apply to this blog…..ROAD RAGE! Wait, I’ll explain. I remember she used that type of analogy to explain a check on your life. I’m paraphrasing her point but she said something like this: Imagine you were cut off in traffic (these classes were in NYC so no surprise), then you get mad then it becomes an argument, etc. She said if you took a moment and thought about that incident, then looked at it from a state view, then a nation view, then a world view, then a universe view, it is a really, really small thing in the cosmos. We make it a big deal but it is not in comparison to all the things going on in the universe.  This adds a little perspective to checking your life.

Another thing to consider is some of the teachings and lectures of Professor Wayne Dyer. He would say that you can make anything you want in your imagination, so make it positive. One of his points is to never go to bed with negative or worrisome thoughts. He brings up the sub-conscious (like I did in my recent ‘Inspiration’ blog) and how it repeats with the finest accuracy your thoughts and/or what your imagination is envisioning. So, as you’ve heard before, garbage in, garbage out. But good in, good out. It’s your choice when “Checking Your Life”. I think this blog would pass the “Interview Test”, do you agree?