Yes, I have Something to SAY! Don’t we all? Over the years I’ve posted blogs and songs that I hoped would inspire people. I’ve received some great comments and positive feedback. However, with people having busy schedules, the COVID disaster, distractions, and everyday life, you might have missed some. So, I’m encouraging you to go to and go to the ‘Blog’ Navigation tab and the top of the page and ‘The Music’ one to catch up. And for you adventurous and curious types, also go to the ‘Galley’ tab for some photos.   So, you can go through the Blog posts listed and you can also go to the drop-down menu of Songs to listen as often as you like. There are many to choose from. But I’m going to make some recommendations to get it started. And I’ll give a little insight into why.


There are many more so don’t be afraid to venture. I really want to inform, inspire, and enlighten people. As I said, I have Something to SAY!  


  • ‘Believe – Single Version’ I can’t tell you how many people have related to this song. They said they keep singing the chorus …. Nice! In today’s troubled world some hope, and faith are really needed.
  • ‘Piano Concerto #1 – 1st Movement’ This movement was written after the 3rd and 2nd Movements. I think it is my best piano playing, orchestration and production. A Piano Concerto…why not?
  • ‘With You’ This song was written for my brother who passed away years ago. The verses are biographical and in chronological order. Also, the verse is in a minor key but the chorus in a major key. He was a great man and truly missed. 

Well please enjoy the Blogs and Songs. There are many more Blogs you can check out and the media player lets you pick what song you want to listen to from the drop-down menu. Please comment and let me know what you think. And do I have to say it? ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!