About Desi

Desi’s philosophy is that music should not only stir emotions, it should stir a complete experience. The listener should be transported to another place by engaging all that can be evoked in one’s imagination.

Surrounded by musical influences as a child, Desi grew up listening to his father’s large collection of show music and movie sound tracks. He first heard Leonard Bernstein’s works and is influenced to this day by the vivid pictures those works evoked in him back then.

Desi’s godfather and grandfather were accomplished musicians who played the saxophone and clarinet. Desi’s older brother had him listening to Jimi Hendrix, the Doors and others. It wasn’t long before his natural abilities came to life and he learned to play the guitar, then drums and finally settling on keyboards. He’s gone on to follow a long path of exploring a vast array of musical creativity.

Today he professionally composes, plays, produces, and arranges living out a life long dream of weaving musical influence into his everyday life.

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