I’ve been working with Fresh-Sync which places music for film, TV, commercials, games etc. for a while. They know their craft and are one of the select few that work and has access to an exclusive mega international agency roster and my song catalog is listed. Jason comes from my old stompin’ grounds and is a great guy. He knows everyone in the industry, has great stories and is an amazing resource. Every time I talk to him I miss NY…. “go figure”

Well, since Frankie Anne and I have been working on the now titled ‘Nereida – Tales and Tribulations’ which is an evolution from The Tribulation project, music is just coming out of me like never before. Once the Book is finished we will mix, match, compose, arrange, whatever for the musical. The music and lyrics must deliver the essence and story in the Book. So as my creative side keeps producing songs, it gives me more material to send to Fresh-Syn and hopefully you’ll hear some of them in a movie, commercial and so on.

I’m also going to be working on putting some of these new songs on my website, CD Baby my distributor, Reverbnation, Radio Airplay and anywhere else I can think of. I’ll let you know when they are up and available. There are two songs that I think are some of my best that I’m waiting for vocalists to sing so that I can finish producing them. Wish us luck!!!!