Here is a gallery of photos from my musical journey over the years. I toured nationwide as well as overseas and met very diverse people and saw many beautiful locations. Many wonderful moments, so follow me down memory lane. Enjoy!

With Larry Mullen (U2) & Charles Viagas (Alice Cooper) 

Spartacus Band

Bono (U2) performing with us – Amazing!

With Matt Frenette (Loverboy)

Keyboard player or closet guitar player?

With Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple)

Back to Eden Band

Trick or Treat!

Desi playing dress up!

Some memorable photos

Composing & Performing

You can’t believe the joy I get from composing, playing keyboards and performing to a live audience. Click the ‘View Details’ link below to sample some of my music. FUN!

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Keynote Concert

This is my unique way of combining my Guest Speaking and Training Seminars delivered through music. It accommodates informative subject matter and entertainment.

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This was a performance at Mobile Shrimpfest

I sat in with the Shawna P band, who was a contestant on The Voice one season. She’s a great artist. This photo is when we were the opening act for Joan Jett & Kid Rock! It was a great show and event in Mobile, AL

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