As you probably know, this is Holy Week. The days leading up to Easter Sunday, Passover, and any other spiritual celebration out there. It’s a reminder to keep God in your life as well as traditions and rituals from the past. The world now is crazy. Ukraine war, drugs, shootings, human trafficking, inflation, COVID, deception, and so on. Regardless of your beliefs or lack of them, Holy Week couldn’t be more necessary at this time. I’m not familiar with all the religions and traditions and I’m not promoting any one religion over the other, but some spiritual reflection now is good for everyone.

The History

I recently went and reviewed the history of Holy Week It’s amazing that the life of Jesus is still of interest today. Of course, other religions follow or are inspired by other prophets. To each their own. As an enlightened teacher, Hilda Charlton, used to say in her classes ‘just get there’. She meant getting to heaven, a higher vibration, and the best you can be. And even though we had the shutdowns of churches and synagogues, and many of us are driven by more materialistic lifestyles, the life of Christ is still the gold standard for how to live life and inspires us to do good. Amazing. God Bless!


I would like to share one of my songs that has a spiritual foundation, called ‘Come Back Home’. You can find it in the Media Player song list drop down menu: “Children of God Come Back Home”!