Everyone has suffered loss and all that is left is reminiscing about the past. My brother passed away in his mid 30s and it hit me hard. It inspired me to write the song ‘With You’. The lyrics follow chronologically with the 1st verse as kids and the 2nd verse later in life when I was on the road and visited his town.

The lyrics that most people ask me about are the ones below in the 1st verse. “Molly’s place” which was just a deli on our street corner in Brooklyn. “The Chinese man would pace” was because as kids we would go nuts in front of his dry cleaner store. He would chase us then pace. The music and lyrics came out easily and simultaneously. I had a picture of my brother on the piano when I was working on it. My wife and niece came running down the stairs when they heard it. Then you know you are on to something, and the song could touch people.


Remember when we hung at Molly’s place?

Remember how the Chinese man would pace?

Listen to the Music at: https://desbeemusic.com/the-music/

Read the Lyrics at: https://desbeemusic.com/lyrics/

So, my suggestion is to redirect the sorrow and any sadness into something positive and create a new memory. It’s easier said than done but I think it will make you feel a lot better. Share your stories in the comment section below. We all have them. All the best!