Jammin’ “in Memphis with my feet ten feet off of Beale”. A play on words from the lyrics of Marc Cohn’s great song, ‘Walking in Memphis’. If you ever improvised on your instrument or jammed with a band, you know you must know your instrument well, have a good ear and have no fear. Improvising is done in many fields and if done well, it confirms that you have the chops. You never know what gem you will find in your experimentation.  The more you can think on your feet the better chance for you to excel and stand out in any endeavor.

Jammin’ at BB King’s Blues Club Memphis

I visited Memphis, TN many times over the years for conferences, meetings and to hear the great blues music. Beale Street is one of my favorite places for great music. Every band on that street, playing the clubs, are all great. Of course, blues is the style and deep history of the area. And as everyone knows, it’s the home of Elvis, Graceland and The Peabody Hotel with the duck walk ceremony each day. I attended a history presentation at the hotel and couldn’t believe how many songs came out of that area. So, there is a lot of music history in Memphis. Here I am performing at BB King’s Blues Club Memphis: Desi I sat in with the King Beez Band which was the first band to play that club when it opened. It was a FUN night!

Beale Street Talent

All the clubs on Beale Street are great but BB King’s is the most famous, check it out BB King’s Blues Club Memphis, TN. As I got to know and jam with many different bands, they were always nice to invite me up on the stage to jam. They appreciated that I knew how to play and could sit in on the fly. When you reach a level of musicianship, you can easily sit in with other bands. When the other musicians are also accomplished it can be magical. I think there’s something in the water that fuels all the great talent on Beale Street. It’s also a great way to make new connections in your industry that could catapult your career. So, know your craft well so that you can enjoy opportunity and camaraderie when you Jam. And, I think “Jam” was a lyric in a Michael Jackson tune. So, we might be on to something. Share and comment on your Blues and Jammin’ adventures. Enjoy!