INSPIRATION…..Have you ever reflected back to what and who made you…YOU? Of course, your parents and their influence, however, what are the moments that you’ll never forget that helped sculpt your soul, your purpose? Your gift from God that you must share with everyone? Yes, they are all locked up in the fabric of your being.

For me it was music ever since I can remember. And I was blessed that my mom’s side were musicians and my dad (a sports buff) still supported the effort. I remember mom standing up for us when the police came by because the music at rehearsal was too loud. Or my dad who said after coming to a concert with my band Spartacus; ‘if he had to do his life over again he’d be a musician’ (I thought wow) then he said ‘because of all the girls’. Or my wife Bebe a pro singer herself heard my Piano Concerto ‘The Battle of Armageddon’ and said that’s amazing (I thought wow) and then she said who would listen to that. So even though these were back handed compliments, they elevated me but kept my feet on the ground as well. It meant a lot because I knew I had their support.

I have to thank my piano teachers over the years. They were all different but all amazing. Andy Wietz, a Julliard School of Music graduate taught me how to really use my left hand and speed. Julliard also had a recommended teacher’s list and I found John Corrigan, a personal friend of Aaron Copeland who taught me a wide range of classical composers and music. Then Don Felice Alfino who attended Milan School of Music in Italy He taught me everything else. He was such a dedicated teacher that had a full library of music and psychology books so he could pick and choose what combination of books were right for the student. He could tell if I was not myself the minute I walked in the door and would take time to have a discussion about it. He would come to every lesson in a suit and tie out of respect to the art and the student (I thought wow).

Then I learned how to utilize my parent mind (sub-conscious) for my piano playing. That came somewhat from 3 sources but especially from the one on one teaching of the late Richie Barathy from American Combat Academy, a martial arts master. He was so accomplished that he was on the Johnny Carson and Mike Douglas TV shows. Yes, a martial artist master teaching me how to improve my piano playing (I thought wow). Developing the parent mind helped me with increased speed and accuracy. So happy I took Richie up on his offer to teach me these techniques.

Teachers, not just talent, but talent in teaching can help someone skyrocket. Teachers eliminate you learning bad technique; they bring out your strengths while using them to help your weaknesses. They make you feel like part of the process and their encouragement in priceless. So, find that good teacher or mentor. Needless to say, without my musical upbringing and the DNA from my mom’s side of the family…grandfather, godfather and cousins, I could have never made The Tribulation Rock “Operalet”

Who are some of your great teachers and inspiration in your field? What and when were your WOW moments? And please, please, don’t forget God’s hand in this. That spirit makes it magic regardless of the field you’re in or the talent you have. INSPIRATION!