Disc Makers, who manufactured my Tribulation Rock “Operalet” CD, had a great blog on ‘Memorizing Music: Benefits and Tips to Unlocking Auditory Memory’ September 19, 2023: https://blog.discmakers.com/2023/09/memorizing-music/ It got me thinking about Memorization in general. As a musician, I relate music memory to learning a song so I can play it without the sheet music. Memorizing a song for me is like a roadmap through the song notes and structure. It seems to happen as I learn and practice the song. Everyone needs Memorization regardless of your industry or application.

Auditory Memory

Auditory memory is easily explained by recalling something you heard. Of course, a song comes to mind. What is also amazing is if you sing that song from memory, you usually sing it in the actual key the song was recorded in, which is a form of perfect pitch or recall. The more senses involved in memory the more powerful.


Repetition of any info goes right to your sub-conscience which is like a computer and repeats it internally. That is why it is so hard to change a habit. This phenomenon is the premise of auto-suggestion, which according to Merriem-Webster dictionary is the influencing of one’s own attitudes, behavior, or physical condition by mental processes other than conscious thought: SELF-HYPNOSIS

“Auto-suggestion means you are literally talking to yourself,” – [Leonard] Rubenstein says. “Whatever you think or talk about goes into a phase of your mind, the subconscious area of your brain. — Stasia Evasuk

Using autosuggestion, you consciously plant ideas in your own mind, which, in turn, believes them on an unconscious level. —Jeffrey Staggs

I am familiar with auto-suggestion firsthand from three sources, music, martial arts and a psychologist. I use it not only to remember music but also for speed and accuracy in performing. This works for music, sports, and any application that you can think of. And, if you can visualize the action (without mistakes), it’s even more powerful. For example, a basketball player shooting multiple times without the ball, never seeing a failure or miss is what is fed to the sub-conscience which will repeat the successes internally. End result…you improve!

Visualization and Association

Per a MEMORISE article: Using Visualization and Association to Improve Memory (memorise.org)  It states that most people are visual learners, meaning they remember things they see (images) better than something they are told or see on paper. An example would be the homes you have lived in over your lifetime. You can see the images of the houses or apartments in your head, even though you may not remember the house numbers or streets. Images stay in your head while abstract (or information) does not. With the visualization and association technique the abstract information will become as easy to remember as the images you see in your head. Hence, these are techniques that could be utilized to improve memory. This approach has been exploited by many professionals, articles, coaches and more.   

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