Music, Inspiration, Creation, Life & Intuition blogs from Desi in 2017. Well the holidays and the end of the year are near. So, I thought why not revisit the blogs I posted in 2017. If you missed any, here is your chance to check them out with the links below. I would really appreciate any comments, thoughts, feedback, etc. when you go to the links below. So, happy reading!

  1. Inspiration:
  2. A Check on Your Life:
  3. Was I on to Something? Intuition:
  4. Life and Music on the Road:
  5. Are you really listening to the Music?
  6. What was behind the song ‘Believe’?
  7. Music you can SEE!
  8. There is nothing like a TEAM:
  9. Magic of Creating, Composing Original Material:

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