Music Licensing. My good friend, Jason Scheff, operates Fresh-Sync which provides my music to major agencies and companies for licensing and placement in their advertisements, training videos, productions, trailers, etc. As you know you can hear most of my songs on ‘The Music’ tab of my website. However, if you go to it has those songs, but also other material not found anyone else. Additional songs geared for this purpose. You will get to hear 30 second spots for TV commercials, radio, film trailers, etc. If you go to that website, put in two keywords in the search field: Desi and, Fresh-Sync for a list of my songs. You can than listen to the songs of your choosing. If anyone is looking to license my music, you can do so there by opening an account. Or I can put you in touch with Jason, just fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form on my website. More updates and songs to come. Check it out and wish me luck!