Music Streaming has been very popular for a while now. It gives you the freedom to stream or download the songs you prefer and create your personal song list, but you lose the album and concept mindset. Some artists are concerned that streaming is not compensating the artist fairly. Streaming sites pay the artist but to make it affordable to the public they charge a monthly fee, as opposed to a fee per song. The service fee is kept low because it would not be practical to charge per song. So, if someone streams all day, they still pay just the one low monthly fee. For example, I use a service that streams my songs to all the popular sites (Amazon, iTunes, YouTube Music, Spotify, Facebook, and hundreds of others worldwide). When someone streams one of my songs like iTunes -Apple Music – US I receive in the ballpark of $.0076. The income varies depending on the streaming service, but most are in the same ballpark. As you probably concluded, live performance, even for the major acts, is the vehicle for artist incomes.  Here’s a link to ‘How to choose among Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and more’ Streaming Music Services

The Music Industry

The Music Industry has changed and is not what it used to be. They would promote bands using a shotgun marketing approach to promote sales. They would keep it top of mind in the public and you would then go purchase the record/CD at some retail location. The internet, downloading & streaming changed all that. Now listeners and fans go online. The marketing campaigns are now more “Call to Action” to purchase a song. Even though there is no money in people streaming my music, I’m happy that I have a channel for worldwide distribution on many platforms. I just want my music to be heard. Of course, getting my Tribulation Rock “Operalet” CD or MP3s would be great. You can find it on this site by clicking the Song & Album link.

My Music Streaming Recommendations

  • ‘Pirates’ by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  • ‘Sole Survivor’ by Asia
  • ‘Parallel Lines’ by Todd Rundgren
  • ‘Cruise Control’ by Dixie Dregs
  • ‘The Big Event’ by Pat Travers
  • ‘Still have the Blues’ by Gary Moore

I can go on forever on my choices but what are some of your Music Streaming favorites? Please comment below.