Are you wondering what “Music you can SEE” is all about? Well let me explain…. I’m always impressed when I listen to a piece of music, regardless of genre, and it transports me somewhere we I can see what the music is conveying or what I’m feeling. It doesn’t happen in every song or piece of music but let me give you some examples.

When you listen to ‘Eleanor Rigby’ by the Beatles, can’t you picture that church? What about ‘Norwegian Wood’ also by the Beatles, can’t you see and smell that wood and John Lennon sitting on that floor (“there wasn’t a chair”)? What about Jimi Hendrix who can transport you anywhere. What about his ‘Purple Rain’ or ‘Foxy Lady’? Tell me you didn’t envision your own version of a Foxy Lady. What about Emerson, Lake & Palmer (the late Keith Emerson & Greg Lake) with songs like the end of ‘Benny the Bouncer’, where you can see the bar room brawl. Or their ‘3rd Impression’ where you can almost see parts of the ‘Wizard of Odds’ (my interpretation) with the creatures chasing Dorothy and her friends or robots taking over the world. What about ‘Desperado’ by The Eagles, can’t you see that loner riding the fences? I think you get the idea.

What about film music from John Williams? You can’t watch Jaws without hearing his music. Or Star Wars. What about the music in Rocky? Don’t you feel like you can do anything with that inspiring music of the underdog winning? Yes, music has an amazing power and I believe is an integral part of life and feelings. I believe, when you hear music like this, you are touching the other side…Heaven! It inspires you, it touches you and it transports you. There are no limits to your imagination. Safe travels.

Some of the highest compliments I’ve receive with my music from The Tribulation Rock “Operalet” is when someone says, “I can visualize that”. That is what I always inspire to create. So, check out my music, story, lyrics and more at and let me know if you see anything. I’ll give you an easy song from that music to experiment with…’The Battle of Armageddon’ and tell me what you see.

What music inspires you to SEE? Please comment and share.