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There are three Music Projects or Avenues I’m pursuing:

A New Musical from the Creative Team of Frankie Anne & Desi

The new Rock Musical, Nereida – Tales and Tribulations, a Rock Operalet is a work in progress. We are both fans of the rock musical and we chose to create a show with a story of substance, depth and relevance that inspires great music, orchestrations and choreography, leaving the audiences entertained and encouraged. In the creating of a musical, collaboration is vital, so we are working closely with story and music to breathe life into Nereida – Tales and Tribulations, a Rock Operalet. Wish us LUCK!

Improvisations and Variations by Desi

My first piano teacher used to do a type of recital/live show performing classical music in College auditoriums and other similar venues. It was very intriguing to me and now I want to put my twist on that approach. My improvisations and variations will be on my original music, prog rock, classical, jazz and so on. However, I want to add musical guest appearances, which will vary based on the show’s location. I also want to add some video stimulation with dancers on certain songs and the latest visual effects. Just let it rip! 

Compositions by Desi

You will find many compositions on this website by going to the ‘Hear it Here’ icon at the bottom of this page or the ‘STORE’ Navigation tab at the top of the website. At the bottom of this page there are also links to the Lyrics and Credits. I will be adding songs, as they are produced, on an on-going basis. You can preview them all and please share them with your friends. I appreciate the support and please enjoy the MUSIC!



I listened to your “work in progress” and I think what you’ve created in The Tribulation is very powerful. Your passion and spirituality are felt throughout the music and lyrics. I especially appreciated your personal connection to “With You.” A very important part of this work is your plan to include all the great prophets. I’ve always felt that we need to embrace and celebrate our different beliefs, not fear them. When we can all respect and love one another, this world will be a better place. Carry on your good work!

Andrew Weyman – Director (Guiding Light, Rosanne, Two & a Half Men, Ellen, King of Queens and others)

Overall, I think this is a brilliant piece of work. Keep up the good work. I look forward to hearing more from you, and let me know if I can help you in any way. Tom Size – Engineer & Producer (Aerosmith, Huey Lewis & The News, Journey and others)

I listened to your album the other night…..really enjoyed it. The message, working with the melodies evoked really vivid images. Sounds like a stage musical. Nice work. Thought I may have heard a musical hat-tip to Todd in there. James Martin Kelly – Actor & Musician (Rock of Ages, Jack Reacher, Magic Mike, The Hangover and others)

Great music and vocals, production. I really like Desi’s piano work, and music as well. Thanks and the best to you!

NC Thurman – Keyboardist (Gregg Allman, Hank Williams, Jr., Chuck Leavell, Little Richard, Percy Sledge and others)

Like what I heard of the sample (Track #4 ‘Gonna Get Ya’)! Nice… sounds like Keith Emerson. I did mean that as a compliment. I love Emerson. ELP….. I heard a lot of synths and programming . Was that all you? Incredible!

Tony Monaco – Hammond B-3 Jazz organist, international recording artist and instructor

The Tribulation as a progressive rock “operalet.” Imagine Andrew Lloyd Weber collaborating with Keith Emerson or Annie Haslam indulging a serious Broadway jones and you’re in the ballpark. By turns majestic and rockin’, The Tribulation is a weirdly satisfying genre-bending fairytale that sounds like an off-Broadway – perhaps way off-Broadway – work-in-progress……it masterly merges prog-rock, classical music and show tunes. Inspiration seems to draw equally from classic Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Verde, and that groovy Broadway musical Godspell. Nick Tate, Progression Magazine, an International Publication

I enjoyed your work in progress for “The Tribulation” very much. The message I believe is very much needed today in our world. I love that the message is universal to all religions to open the minds of everyone. I think the message is an answer to what many feel is needed and missing in this world. I absolutely love the music of Concerto #1 “The Battle Of Armageddon” has amazing instrumentals! Good accompaniment to the battle and survival is very exciting and builds anticipation for more! The melody of “I Am Me” stayed with me. Contains the parts of good poetry: a question, soul-searching, and a resolve! “With You” has a good passionate vibe. Great tribute! After “Help Me” I can’t wait for more! Godspeed Desi!

Barbara B. Eddins – BA College of Design, Iowa State University. She has a blog with music reviews and short stories

Featured songs


Back to Eden

I Am Me

Gonna Get Ya’ 

With You 

The Thing We Call Love 

The Battle of Armageddon

Help Me

Come Back Home

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