Well I’m back from LA and the trip couldn’t have been any better. First, Frankie Anne (choreographer/director) and I visited the theater we hope to launch our show. Then off to see the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl with John Williams conducting many of his movie theme classics. Complete with many in the audience waving Star War laser swords. Then we met up with some old friends from my days in the Spartacus band….wow, memories. Then we started working on developing the characters in our story with great ideas flying around and some insight into the dynamics and dimensions of the concept. Frankie had some amazing ideas. Even though I’m biased, this show is going to be great. Then off to her friend’s winery for great wine and food. Then we ate at the restaurant that was famous for the Robert Blake murder story that I think Sheila E renovated. Great place. ¬†Besides the 12 hours to get back home it was a spectacular trip. Now we’ll start working on the next steps with plenty to do. Wish us luck!!!!!