Well, we finally launched our Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign for Nereida – Tales and Tribulations, a Rock Operalet. This is to raise funds so that we can focus 100% of our effort into completing the script. My creative partner, Frankie Anne will handle the completion of the script. Once the script is complete, then comes the music. Yes, I can’t wait for that. You should start seeing some of our promotions on all the social media channels, ads and so on. We must get the word out so please share it.

Many of you know that I’ve been pursuing this dream of a Rock Operalet for years and it’s finally starting to blossom. A chance encounter with a stranger on a plane, also in the arts and who was impressed with this concept, said the right people will come into my life when the time was right for this dream. And she was so right. That’s when an old friend and great talent contacted me when she heard the project was resurfacing. She was introduced to it years ago, in the early stages, and we started exchanging ideas back then. Now, she is part of it and my creative partner. That’s Frankie Anne. Other key people are also starting to emerge as well. So, here’s a quick overview and how you can support the effort.  

From the Creative Team of Frankie Anne & Desi

A New Rock Musical, Nereida – Tales and Tribulations, a Rock Operalet. We experimented with this concept years ago. As our lives took different paths, I kept the concept at heart and wrote some related songs because of the inspiration. Frankie Anne went onto develop her career with Broadway, the record industry and Hollywood.

 We are both fans of the rock musical and since reuniting our partnership, we chose to create a show with a story of substance, depth and relevance that inspires great music, orchestrations and choreography, leaving the audiences entertained and encouraged. In the creating of a musical, collaboration is vital, so we are working closely with story and music to breathe life into Nereida – Tales and Tribulations, a Rock Operalet.

Wish us LUCK!

We need your support at this time, and you can learn more about the project, a glimpse of the story and how you can help at https://igg.me/at/Nereida

I hope you will help in any way you can. Thanks so much……ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!