music with a purpose


Desi offers a wide range of services including composing, keyboard work, live performance, producing, arranging, film scores, radio and television spots, game trax, and jingles.

Desi has played keyboards for diverse clientele and worked with many talented musicians. He has performed, playing keyboards, in studio sessions, on national and international stages. He can deliver many different styles of music using a variety of keyboards ranging from vintage and modern keyboards to soft synths. Contact him to schedule keyboard sessions either on site or through remote file exchange or discuss other types of projects.

Desi has been composing music for many years and enjoys every aspect of the creative process. 

The Tribulation Rock "Operalet"

Go to the media player below to hear the music

Film Scores

Desi Desiderio – IMDb Under the Influence. Also, samples for trailers available upon request. The Tribulation music is also theatrical and appropriate for scores and soundtracks.


Hampton Cove, The Imagination Factory, Crystal Mountain Water & Mitch Smith Chevrolet


TV Ads & commercials

Kudzu Productions: Karlson – Waller political campaign ads (composed Beliefs, Crimes, Hard Working, Productive, & Safer. Samples available upon request)

Session Work

a. Hooch: Red-E-4-This (played on ‘Angry Angel’, ‘Under the Skin’, ‘You Made Me’). Desi was also a co-producer on the project with T. Henry 4th

b. Phil Accardi’s Chalice: Take Control – (played on ‘On My Way’ & ‘Victim of the Night’)

c. RH Factor – (played on ‘Taken my Time’, ‘Millionaire’ & ‘No One Like You’)

d. Recordings & performances with Bands that I was a member: Spartacus, Back To Eden, Rumor Hazit, Ston’d Sober & Shawna P

marketing & Promotion

a. Collaborator with Inbound Marketing Shop

b. Keynote Concerts –

c. Guest Speaking – Music, Keyboards, Motivation, Marketing, etc.

d. Training –  Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Management incorporating Communicative Styles, Emotional Drivers, Body Language & more…



Music Catalog

Please use this player to hear Desi’s compositions, performances, arrangements, and productions. Most of the instrumentation was performed by Desi but many vocalists and additional musicians were also incorporated and are truly appreciated.