What makes a great trip? Here are my Tales and Adventures from my LA trip. It was another great one. We did get our video shoot for the Crowd Funding Campaign for our Rock Musical now titled, Nereida – Tales and Tribulations. I was working with real pros and so they had to help me a bit, well a lot :-). Frankie Anne will now start the editing process. She also, created an amazing poster for the show which you will see in the video when we start the campaign. It’s all coming together.

Anytime I go to LA, it is like a productive, networking and learning experience. I saw Viv from my days with Spartacus and Joel Madison, a comedian, we met at a gig in Alaska. We also went to see Smokey Robinson at the Greek Theater. Frankie knew the bass player Gary, so we were invited backstage. We didn’t meet Smokey but there was a variety of celebrities at that concert, LL Cool J, Sugar Ray Leonard, Barry Gordy and more. I also went to some of Frankie’s dance classes and her instructor, Hama, approached me to do some scoring for his classes, NICE.

Then we celebrated at the Hollywood Bowl with the military band, LA Phil, fireworks and The Go-Gos. They still sound good. We always try to see as many shows as possible to stimulate ideas for our shows. Then 3 parties on 4th of July. The first with multiple musicians at Deb’s house where I usually stay and where we shot the video. Then off to some old friends of Frankie’s who had an amazing house overlooking all of LA (and they had great food and champagne). We ended up at Stacy & David’s home with a large group of musicians. David and Stacy are hit makers yet still grounded and were so nice. They had a gorgeous house overlooking LA and talent around every corner from musicians, magicians, artists and more. I even had a chance to ROCK on their grand piano. Welcome to LA!

I can’t thank Frankie enough for the trip, moving this project along and being an unbelievable asset in Nereida – Tales and Tribulations. I’ll keep you posted.