What is the Interview Test and how does it help you avoid bad decisions? Think of it as your Speed Test on Life. I’ve always pursued the secrets of life. That included spirituality, philosophy, and secrets in my profession…music. As everyone knows, life has many winding roads, challenges, and opportunities. It’s not always easy to pick the right path or make the best decisions.

I don’t know when, where or how I learned this technique or how much I embellished it over the years but there is a simple rule to follow when you are unsure of what you are doing. I call it the Interview Test. It’s quite simple but very effective and it has always worked for me. When you think you are about to do something stupid, or unsure if it is the right thing to do, pretend that a person (reporter type) comes over to interview you. Here’s an example: So, you think jumping off a 10-story building would be fun…is, that, right? If your answer sounds stupid on an interview, IT IS STUPID! If you are not laughing by now, you haven’t been down this road. And yes, in my wilder days, I did jump off that building for fun….it really hurt. That was before I knew of the Interview Test strategy.

Decision Time

Anytime you have a big decision to make, or you are unsure which way to go put yourself through the Interview Test. It not only saves you from mistakes and embarrassment but puts you on the right path given that perspective. Of course, you can A/B test your options, but we sometimes fool ourselves into what we want instead of what is best. Or we just don’t realize how off the mark we really are. You’ve heard people on interviews or in the news where they say something, and you are thinking…do they really believe that? Are they that clueless?

You Can Do Anything

Also consider some of the teachings and lectures of the late Professor Wayne Dyer. He would say that you can make anything you want in your imagination. That’s right if it’s realistic. In other words, a 4-foot person will probably not make it into the NBA no matter how much he imagines it. You might enjoy my blog on How Piano Teaches Life for some more insights. However, even if you have the best imagination and it’s a realistic goal, I wouldn’t leave out the Interview Test as your final step. We all had moments when we had lapses in judgement or that were clearly a bad choice upon reflection. Most of the time it is when we are conning ourselves. So, please share your moments when an Interview Test would have saved your day. I’m sure there will be some funny stories to share.