Magic of Creating, Composing Original Material! We are now in the initial stage or should I say the brainstorming part of the stage production of our Rock “Operalet” with my director/choreographer Frankie Anne. Some of the music and initial Treatment (which is a quick overview) of the concept have already been done but now Frankie will take this and turn it into a full script with more dimension in each character and the story line. To do a show and story of this depth we’ll need more music which I will work on as the script starts to unfold. We want to take it from a one to two-hour show (Act 1 & 2). So, I’m now wearing my creative and composing hat and love the process.

Whether you are creating a song, book, movie, lullaby or anything else, open your mind, heart and soul and absorb what comes through your imagination. Your imagination has no limits and can create anything. I do believe in a muse or some connection to the universe that stimulates the creative spirit and maybe even sends things or people your way. Everything can be a catalyst to a creation. For example; I recently heard the Top 10 Classic Rock keyboardist and the next thing I know, I wrote my own piano solo piece that I now want to put into the show. I watch a movie and the next thing I know; a thought helps me shape the concept and convey it to Frankie. So, when I know I must compose music, I slam myself with every stimulus I can and then let the creative process begin. The beauty of creating is that only you can create your own creation……. NICE!!!!! And you never know who it will touch. So, now go contribute to the world and let the ripples in the universe begin!

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