There is nothing like a TEAM. I enjoy and miss the most, the presence of a TEAM all fighting for the same cause. It comes in many forms, sizes and flavors; sports, bands, dance troupes, military units, companies……you get the picture. And, it can be for many causes good or bad. Think of anytime you were a part of a cause, that meant a lot to you and had a purpose you wanted to pursue and a TEAM was with you. Ah yes, real TEAMWORK!

Well, for me it has always been a band. Think about the TEAM of the Beatles, The Who, The Band, ELP, Led Zeppelin and many more. It’s hard to imagine them without all the players on the TEAM. Banding together for the music, message, the show, the road and so on. One of the deepest times for me was when I was with a band called Spartacus that played the NY tri-state area especially Long Island, years ago. We grew up together, studied music together, lived together and were swinging for the stars. We made a lot of headway till one of the team members passed away. That team never really recovered from that but the dream of music, for me, carried on. So, you find new teams but still respect that it doesn’t replace the old one. You just learn from it and find it even more precious.

Even my favorite movies seem to have a TEAM theme incorporated in some ways. The Fast & Furious series, the Replacements, The Last Samurai and yes, the Spartacus movie (like my old band) have not only the TEAM concept but also being underdogs accomplishing amazing things against all odds. It’s amazing what the human spirit can do. And I believe every one of us has that power. So, pick your head up, find a cause (hopefully a good one) and assemble a TEAM. You now have purpose and nothing can stop you.

So, what is your goal, who is with you on your endeavors and dreams? You can find me trying to get my Rock “Operalet” out to the masses to Do GOOD! Please comment, tell us about your TEAM and share this post. Thanks!