If you look around at the tensions in the world; North Korea, the possible nukes in Iran (and other countries), the Mid East chaos, the financial problems worldwide, riots, terrorism, and yes America in upheaval…..was I on to something or was it Intuition that made me see this vision years ago? Of course, there are many holy books and prophets that warned us about similar events way before me. I must believe everyone is feeling some uneasiness, a sense of fear and uncertainty. I believe, or my Intuition tells me, that the world is at a major crossroads. Which road will we follow and what does the future hold? I believe we can impact future events and I want to do my part.

In my case, I was inspired many years ago, to write a story and music about the possible future of humankind. It came to me in many ways over the years and haunted me till it was completed (well at least the music part is done but still working on the stage production). I believe we are a lot more connected to each other, the world and these unfolding events. I have no crystal ball but I have, like you, Intuition. And, I won’t let my logic block that voice and I won’t let the everyday negativity or misdirection take ownership of it. So, we must contribute, we must participate. For me it’s music but what is it for you?

Follow that little voice inside you and your Intuition because it comes from a very deep reservoir of life experiences and yes, I believe a connection to your spirit and the supreme being. How many times have you looked back at one of your mistakes and realized there was a warning, even if it was a small one, and you didn’t listen to it. Everyone has a different talent and skill set, so use them for GOOD, NOW!!!

I always felt a strong connection to spirituality and music. To me they go hand and hand. I believe the creative process is giving you a taste of heaven on earth. So how do your talents channel a taste of heaven? I have read many books and authors on this subject matter and there are many others. My Intuition led me to the Bible, the Hilarion series by Maurice B. Cooke, the teachings of Hilda Charlton, Baba Ram Dass, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Dr. Wayne Dyer, my music teachers, family and many more. And, as if orchestrated, the death of my friend and fellow musician was the push for me to pursue this search for the “Secrets of Life” and my spiritual path. That worked for me and some of it may ring true for you but what is your Intuition saying is your direction?

I really believe it’s on our shoulders the future of humankind. I’m very curious what people are doing at the grass roots level to help with a positive outcome. So, I’m interested in your comments of what you believe is happening on the planet. Who are some of your guides? What are you doing to make it better? There are so many people in the world and if we each reach a few, then they reach a few and so on…..we can make this a much better place and seal the deal on our future.

If you want to read and hear my contribution check out the Tribulation Rock “Operalet” at:


Read the overview then scroll down to the tracks and the song explanations. Then finally go to the very bottom of the page to listen to the music. Please let me know what you think. Now go follow your INTUITION and do something GOOD!