One of my friends, Lisa Isbell, suggested that I explain what was behind some of the songs and lyrics from my Tribulation Rock “Operalet”. So here goes on Track #1 ‘Believe’….

First the concept of this project had to evolve from years of thought and the teachings of The Bible, Hilda Charlton and the Hilarion Series. I coined the term “Operalet” to mean a Rock Opera with interpretive dance or between a Rock Concert and Broadway play.  The music always seems to come first to me, as it did in this song. Most of the music I write seems to have a theatrical twist or vibe to it. No exception here. To me, it sounds like a James Bond soundtrack of a church choir revival. Weird! And, inspired by the negativity and chaos in the world. In the treatment/story line, it’s where the angel, Nereida, comes to the uninterested hero, Gabriel, to tell him he must help save the world. However, he’s still hungover and not interested. This is conveyed in the lyrics, music and future choreography by Frankie A.

This whole project combines music and philosophy like most of my blogs. And the basic message is that the world is in trouble and we need to do what we can to help it. My dream is that this project, through entertainment, touches some souls and they touch some souls and so on, to help humankind. There is also an underlying message that what you think can materialize. Hence the chorus “Believe and it shall be”. Also, I believe we will prevail “and everything will turn out right”. So, let’s think and do GOOD!

Here are some things to help you understand the concept and the music:

The ‘Believe’ lyric video:

The Concept:

Lyrics: See below

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‘Believe’ (Music & Lyrics by Desi)

Why does the world have to keep on fightin’? Why does the world have to keep on hating this way/

Open up your hearts, you’re gonna blow this place apart. If you keep on fighting, keep on dying each day

Hate and the fear that rage inside you, crimes of the time that face your life each day

Open up your hearts, that’s all you need to start. If we keep on trying maybe we’ll find a way

Chorus: Believe and it shall be. Believe, oh you can change this place. Oh believe in what can be. And everything will turn out right

The time is at hand, you know it’s comin’, nowhere to run, soon the wars will appear

Open up your hearts, you’re gonna blow this place apart, if you keep on fighting, the world will soon disappear

Chorus… Instrumental Bridge… Chorus

Copyright © 1988 All rights reserved