As I mentioned, I’m going to LA to work with Frankie Anne (choreographer/director) on the Tribulation Rock “Operalet”. We have a full schedule discussing all the details on the project and visiting many places along the way. I’ll see my old friends, Viv & Steve, from my days with the band Spartacus. I’ll go to Hama Dance studio to see Frankie do her stuff. We will visit El Portal Theatre where we plan to launch the first Tribulation Rock “Operalet” shows. We’ll also visit East West studios for our band rehearsal space and any recording needs. AND we will see John William’s movie themes performed by the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl. Frankie has been pushing me to get an orchestra for the Tribulation so I think she has some ulterior motive for taking me to this performance. Anyway, wish us luck and the journey begins!!!!