If you’re not aware of the news and world events, you are living under a rock. I feel the current environment we live in is a World on Fire! Consider the following:

  • Inflation is hurting everyone (gas, food, necessities, etc.)
  • Empty shelves in grocery stores
  • COVID 19 with questionable vaccine effectiveness if not deadly
  • What news sources can you really count on for real news versus propaganda and/or political agendas?
  • Corrupt Society, Good versus Evil
  • What will the future hold?
  • International conflicts….WAR!!!
  • The FED and Central Banking system, printing money out of thin air not backed by anything but a promise
  • And much more……


So, with all the negativity in the world, the one thing that could put out this Fire is PRAYER. There is Power in Prayer, a higher vibration, and a sense of spirituality. There are countless stories throughout history of prayers answered, miracles, and just a sense of peace and connection to God. So, Pray, just like a pebble tossed into the water, it has an endless ripple effect. This ripple effect was captured perfectly by Keith Emerson’s piano riffs in Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s ‘Take a Pebble’. I think that song is music magic, and one that I’ve performed occasionally. I can envision the ripple effect of casting a pebble into the sea. So, will these ideas make you think of our World on Fire and inspire you to extinguish the flames with PRAYER? I hope so, I will!