I know you are getting bombarded with sale offers, Black Friday ads, Holiday presents and more. But this is one thing you will not find anywhere else.

It started as the name of a band that Bebe came up with. We gigged in the Southeast with some of our musician friends and it was a lot of FUN! After a while, we went separate ways to pursue different opportunities. For me, I wanted to focus on finishing my Piano Concerto, which I did. Even though this was initially a band shirt, we were getting tons of comments on the message and the logo (design by Tom Spindle). It’s easy to see that this would appeal to Rock n’ Rollers and Party Animals but we also got great feedback from all walks of life. And believe it or not, we even got positive feedback from recovering alcoholics and addicts. So, check it out on Amazon and just search Ston’d Sober T-Shirt or use the links below: 

Ston’d Sober T-Shirt White Large | Amazon.com

Ston’d Sober T-Shirt White X-Large | Amazon.com

Or if you prefer you can also get the shirts at: Merch | Desi (bandcamp.com)